Member Profiles

Just a few of our extraordinary members! 

Lou Batori
100 year old skier Lou Batori on CBS Sunday Morning with Bill Geist.
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George Jedenoff – 96.5 year old skier!
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Frank Walter – Copper Mountain Cowboy 
Copper Mountain celebrated Frank’s 90th birthday by reserving first chair of the 2012 winter season.
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National Ski Patrol Honors Roger Damon
Avalanche Expert

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Lyndy Burdet and Heinz Fischer
 In Guinness Book of World Records!
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Jack Manning
“Never Skip a Season!”
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Larry Wilkinson
90 year old Larry Wilkinson, Founder of Telluride Public Library
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Freddie Anderson
Freddie Anderson 91st birthday celebration.  See news coverage of the celebration.  Freddie started the Schenectady Ski School in 1950 and is still teaching dozens of students a week.

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Helen Brace
Helen Brace – NASTAR Racing Champion
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Peter Russell
92 year old Peter Russell discusses 40 years of skiing
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Rolf Kogstad
Rolf Skydives on his 80th Birthday!
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John Woodward
96 year old John Woodward featured in Skiing Heritage (see Page 31).
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Stanley Hirsch
84 year old skier & author Stanley Hirsch publishes his new book about his 39 years of skiing around the world. Memoirs of a Geriatric Ski Bum
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Frank Lunblad
The “Black Diamond” life of 86 year old skier Frank Lunblad of Bruswick, Maine.
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Betty Tresselt (92), Tom and Mae Coates (87&86), and Tom McPartlan (76)
Our gang from the Buffalo, NY area.   Betty Tresselt, Tom and Mae Coates, and Tom McPartlan (76) discuss their 70+ Ski Club experience.  Sadly, Betty passed away in 2013, but will be well remembered by her fellow skiers. 

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